Rock Bass Lessons

So you want to play bass guitar in a rock band? Whether you want to play with your friends in the garage, become a gigging “weekend warrior”, or even aspire to something larger,  becoming a competent rock bassist is something you can do with some practice, skills, and passion. I got my own musical start playing in teenage garage bands, covering grunge, metal, and classic rock tunes; everything from Jimi Hendrix too Metallica too Nirvana. Not only was it fun, it got musical career of too a great start, and I still love playing rock music today.Rock Bass

I discovered along the way that to really get anywhere, however, you’ve really got to have a solid musical foundation of time, tone, techniques, in addition to a great ear and knowing lots of tunes, even if you’re doing original songs. (Some basic theory wouldn’t hurt either!) Playing in a rock band might require playing finger style or with a pick, or even having some slap bass skills. It certainly will require you to be able to lock in with a drummer, memorize tunes, improvise, and perhaps be able to read a basic chord chart. The more skills and knowledge you possess, the more likely you are to be welcomed into better bands and get the positive response we’re all looking for from our audience.  I can help you do all of that and them some. Call me today at (303) 885-8677 so we can get you on track! Who knows where you will end up playing!

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