My Lesson Studio

I love my studio. It’s a fully equipped bass players haven, complete with amps, multiple instruments, guitars, studio monitors, recording equipment, and a keyboard.

Bass studio

My studio is part of my home, and I’m conveniently located in the Stapleton neighborhood of Northeast Denver, which is easily accessible from all parts of the metro area via I-70 or I-225.

I love interacting with my students in musical ways and use technology to enhance their learning process. I play some guitar and my students often spend lessons preparing tunes then playing along with me and drum track. This provides them a more realistic experience of playing with an ensemble and gives them something both fun and beneficial to do in lessons besides just talk about playing. Many of them have recorded songs for auditions or their own learning process. I occasionally use an HD video recorder to help them to see and hear how they look from another perspective.

I have developed an huge library of texts on bass playing, plus developed my own handouts and exercises and have an extensive collection of professional charts on hand to learn songs.

All of this adds up to an ideal environment to a spend an hour exploring the bass with me. Come and check it out for yourself!


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  1. I am interested in taking electric bass lessons. If I owned one, I would like to try an upright instrument. I need a hobby and I feel this would fill the bill. I am free on Wednesday (all day). I also have Mondays and Friday afternoon. I will call for an appointment.
    claude Pareja

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