Classical Bass Lessons

IMG_0430I offer comprehensive classical instruction on classical double bass.

In addition to my jazz training, I’ve always been passionate about classical music and have dedicated much of my practice and teaching to being skilled with the bow and orchestral performance. Most of my serious double bass students do some amount of classical training with me in order develop a better tone, arco skills, intonation, musicality, and reading skills, even if they ultimately opt to perform primarily in other genres.

As a classical performer,  I’ve appeared in chamber ensembles with members of the Colorado Symphony, Chicago Symphony, and New York Philharmonic. I’ve served a principal bassist of the Lone Tree Symphony Orchestra, Henry Mancini Institute Orchestra, Lamont Symphony Orchestra, and Denver Young Artists Orchestra. I’ve also performed with the Colorado Music Festival Orchestra and appear regularly in theater orchestras at the Buell and other venues at the Denver Performing Arts Complex.

I’ve studied classical bass with Bert Turetzky, John Arnesan, Ken Harper, Susan Cahill. I consider my main influences for arco playing to be Edgar Meyer, Gary Karr, and Francois Rabbath.

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